Cycling in Alberobello

Alberobello is full of culture, nature, and wine & food traditions, and its unique and beautiful landscape make it the perfect city to discover from the seat of a bicycle.

Cycle Paths/Routes:

Yes, there's a beautiful natural cycle path located in Itria Valley (close to Alberobello) that follows a part of the national cycle route of Bicitalia, running alongside the walkways of the historic main channel. It's an amazing route because you are surrounded only by nature, trulli, olive trees, wild flowers and vineyards. And then, there's another beautiful one starting from Alberobello to Locorotondo (a small village and one of the most beautiful in Italy) and vice versa.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

From Alberobello it is possible to reach a lot of interesting places, Locorotondo, for instance, takes half an hour by bike. Then, there's Martina Franca, the pearl of baroque style; it takes more or less one hour from Alberobello to get to. Other interesting places are: Noci (the city of enogastronomy) and Putignano (the city of Carnival).

Mayor's stance on cycling:

Government thinks that cycling and eco-tourism are the future, so they are trying to solve the situation about the cycle paths and improve cycling infrastructure. But I think it's a long way.




Some Hills

Bicycle theft:

Happens occasionally

Cycling at night:

Most streets are well lit

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