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We are a tourism service provider and tour operator based in Puglia, in the South of Italy. We specialise in eco-sustainable tourism by providing guided cycle experiences by e-bike (pedal-assisted electric bike).

Our e-bike tours guarantee a fully immersive experience of the real and authentic soul of Puglia. The uniqueness of our tours is to combine standard tours, to the main and traditional tourist attractions, with the discovery of the most hidden and unusual places through countryside, natural cycle paths and rural architecture. Unique itineraries are carefully selected and realised away from the the traditional circuits. They are the result of a deep knowledge of the territory and passion for the region, its history and tradition.

Our team constantly carries out research and development activities to find new experiences and routes, studying history and accessibility, in order to provide new places of interest every year, and satisfy tourists with the highest expectations

We have more than 50 e-bikes and this allows us to serve numerous groups or multiple individual clients at the same time. E-bikes represent an alternative and eco-friendly means of transport that fully respect the environment. They are designed to allow anyone to cycle without much effort, thanks to a smart electric pedal-assist motor. These e-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

There are many ways to experience Puglia, but this is the best way to enjoy to the fullest taste of this land.

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Taste&Go - Apulian Experiences