Cycling in Muenster

Upon arriving in Muenster, you'll discover an old, nice town with interesting history. Muenster is the capital of cycling in Germany; inhabitants use their bikes more than their cars! There's excellent infrastructure for cycling, and the number of bikes outnumbers that of the residents by double!

Cycle Paths/Routes:

100 Castle cycling tour is one of the nicest cycling highways in the world. Overall there are more than 300km cycling ways in the town and more outside the centre.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

Sightseeing points in the Old Town (5 mins), Aa Lake (10 mins), several water castles (5 - 30 mins), Natural reserve (30 mins), Ems/Werse Creek (30 mins).

Mayor's stance on cycling:

They like it - our mayor rides a bike to work!




Mainly Flat

Bicycle theft:

No problem if you have a good lock!

Cycling at night:

Most streets are well lit

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