cyclecities in Western Europe

Western Europeans are proud to use the bicycle.

The bicycle makes sense. It's clean, good for traffic, good for your health and a great way to get about. German people know it, and the cities are well set up for urban cycling. You can rent a bike in many German towns and all cities.

Via Cycle Cities, you can find our bike rental provider in Vienna. Vienna is a perfectly flat city with an abundance of safe cycling streets and paths.

There are very few people who go to the The Netherlands and don't rent a bicycle. The Dutch know their bikes. Bike Rental is available in all Belgian cities as well. There is a strong cycling culture, which would be expected with the heavy Dutch influence and proximity, and majority flat lands to explore.

All French cities, and most towns, have bike rental facilities and outlets.

Bikes in Western Europe are a way of life, and using our trusted operators listed below, we are sure you'll have a great time in the saddle.

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