Symposium Itinerary: Bruges 2023

This is a rough outline. Check back soon for more detail as it is added.

Monday 13 Feb, 1400 - Bike tour of Bruges with Quasimundo

Join the biggest group of bike tour operators on bikes, for our (almost) annual ride together! Quasimundo will be produly showing us how it's done. 1345 for a 1400 departure.

Monday 13 Feb, Evening - Cycle Cities 'Love your Partners' Quiz night!

How well do you know and love your Cycle Cities Partners? Join us for our valentines day themed quiz! Can you pin Tallinn on a map? Can you name a tourguide from Athens by Bike? Join your quiz team and compete to see who knows and loves their Cycle Cities Partners the most! Great fun for those that have been in the network for many years, as well as the newbies who want to learn more about names and faces that make CC tick.

Tuesday 14 Feb, Day - The 'Symposium' Meeting

A full day of presentations, polls and interactive discussions about running a bike tour company. Meet your Cycle Cities Partners from all over the world and build our strong community by participating and sharing your own knowledge from your city.

Tuesday 14 Feb, Evening- The Partner Dinner

The Partner Dinner has been a special night in the Symposium Calendar for since 2018. This is a two course meal at a local culinary hotspot.

Wednesday 15 Feb, Day- More meetings and activities

We'll be announcing the itinerary for Wednesday soon!

Wednesday 15 Feb, Evening - Food and Beer tour of Antwerp, and official Symposium Closing Party

Symposium is on the Move! Jos will be driving our luggage to a new hotel in Antwerp while we make our own way there by train. Hosted by Antwerp by Bike and Taste of Antwerp.

Thursday 16 Feb, 1100 - Bike tour of Antwerp, Hosted by Antwerp by Bike

Don't leave so soon! Take a tour with Antwerp by Bike For Symposium attendees who want to stay longer and make the most of their time in Belgium. Why not stay even longer and check out our partners in Gent and Mechelen too?