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The Estonian capital of Tallinn is the most established in the Baltics for City Bike Tours. The Cycle Cities operator in Tallinn, Citybike, is a long established, trusted city bike tour operator. They will safely show you the delights of Tallinn from the saddle.

Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, is not really like a typical capital city. It's smaller, it's well organised, and it reflects the pace of Icelandic life, unhinged from the troubles and fast pace of larger cities and populations.

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Reykjavik Bike Tours is the name of a family bicycle rental and tour business in Reykjavik Iceland. Stefan and Ursula have offered bicycle rentals, bicycle tours, walking tours and Segway tours in Rey...

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Tallinn is not a huge capital, but has it all for a perfect day out on a bike. Tallinn has marked cycle roads, green parks, not much traffic, small distances, a pleasant atmosphere, and many interesti...

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