Why Book Direct?

  • It’s the same price
  • Support the local operator instead of multinationals
  • Help bring prices down in the future!

What’s happening in the Travel Industry?

You've probably heard of Tripadvisor, Trivago, Booking.com and Expedia. These are big multinational companies that are killing the travel industry for the sake of big profits. They charge up to 30% commission for a booking. But you won’t find it 30% cheaper booking direct, because they contract the small operators to match the price that is offered on the website directly. Therefore, in order to afford the commission, the operator has to increase his retail rate, to survive. So everybody pays more.
"Already we are seeing small businesses being faced with a choice… increase your price so you can afford to sell through the multinationals, or go out of business because nobody can find you" - Steve Kopandy, Cycle Cities Director
If everybody booked direct and cut out the middleman
  • Prices would be cheaper
  • Small businesses would thrive
  • Multinationals would die
At Cycle Cities we are telling the world… book direct with the local operator!
On this website, you can link through to the local operator’s site, to book directly with them.

Who benefits when I book direct?

Local businesses and operators benefit, and so does the customer. The businesses don’t have to pay commission on your booking. This helps them reinvest into their business and the quality of services they can provide you. Eventually, when we start to 'cut out the middle man', prices will start coming down as well.

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