Tourné Bilbao


Calle Villarías 1, 48001,

Tourné Bilbao

'Ongi etorri guztioi' or welcome to ´el botxo’.

We are Tourné and we are from Bilbao. Sorry to be so emphatic, but that´s the way bilbaínos are, ambassadors of our town throughout the world. As we are not selfish at all, we would like to share this feeling with all of you and at the same time be enriched by your lives. Tourné is the result of our passion for travelling meeting new people and having new experiences. After years of having travelled to different parts of the world, the time has come to travel through YOU now.

That is why we have designed Tourné´s by bike; so travellers can discover an authentic side of this 700 year old city. If we succeed in making you want to become a Bilbaíno or at least return to Bilbao after experiencing a Tourné, we rest our case.

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