What's Cycle Cities all about?

Cycle Cities

is a

Business to Business

Knowledge Sharing Community


Bike Tour Operators


Cycle Cities 'Partners' are bike tour operators from far and wide.

We support our Partners by facilitating:

  1. Symposiums - Our yearly face to face gathering
  2. The Brains Group - Our online forum
  3. The Kowledge Base - Compiling and presenting all our shared knowlege over the years
  4. Cross promotion activities

If you operate a bike tour and want to join us, please get in touch. 

If you love travelling and cycling, please explore cyclecities.tours to find the best bike tour operators, and link directly through to their websites.

We promote direct booking with bike tour operators, instead of through big brand Online Travel Agents, because this helps create a fairer tourism industry for small tour operators.
Why should I see a city on a bicycle?
Cycling is a great way to see cities. Bus tours can be stuck in traffic for hours, and you can cover a lot more distance on a bicycle than you can walking. Guides can safely lead you through the city, avoiding the traffic and crowds, and tell you interesting stories and facts about the landmarks you're seeing. You'll also be able to get up nice and close to the sights.
Do I have to be a good cyclist?
These tours are not for professional or even seasoned cyclists. They go at a slow pace, and are suitable for most ages, as long as you can ride a bike! And the tours are guided by a professional, friendly and knowledgeable guide.
Does the tour stop for photos?
Yes! That's the whole idea. A city bike tour with a Cycle Cities partner is just like a walking tour - but you can cover more sights in less time. The tour guide stops and explains things about the city and monuments, including history and interesting stories. And it's better than an open top bus tour because it's a small, close group, and you're not stuck in traffic all day!
How often to the tours run?
Check with the local operator. You can link to their website directly from cyclecities.tours - just choose your city!
What does #bookdirect mean?
#bookdirect is our mission to teach the world to book travel directly with the local operator. Cycle Cities doesn't sell these tours... we just show you the best bike tours each city has to offer, and give you their direct contact details and website link, so you can book with them directly. Booking directly with a local operator keeps money in local economies, and helps our partners provide better services.
How do I know when I am booking direct?
Go to the local tour operator's website and always book there. You can't book a tour at cyclecities.tours. We let you link through to the local operators website.
I'm a bike tour operator. I want to join Cycle Cities. How do I do this?
Drop us an email and introduce yourself and your company. The email address is at the bottom of this page.