Watermelon - Ljubljana by Bike


Trubarjeva cesta 81,1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Watermelon - Ljubljana by Bike

At Watermelon, we specialize in guided city bike tours of Ljubljana. ​

If you're tired of boring city tours, and you've walked around the centre of town ​and been to the castle, there is much more of Ljubljana to see.

On the bike tour, you will discover a different side of Ljubljana. It's the best way to explore the back streets, neighborhoods, and other city attractions away from the run-of-the-mill touristy places in the centre.

The bike tour goes off the main centre into the quieter parts, along the scenic riverbanks, through green parks, past modern architecture, famous historical places and landmarks. All this is combined with your guide's intriguing stories and facts, to make it an authentic tour experience!

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