Cycle Cities is a Partner to Partner knowledge sharing platform for bike tour operators.

We are not an agency. We don't sell tours or take commission and we probably never will.

Over the years we have seen many an ambitious new OTAs come and go. It's not that easy. Ultimately you are in a rat-race, bidding against multinationals with deep pockets for the same customer. Cycle Cities as an OTA would still charge commission. You can't compete in the same space without good funding behind it.

What Cycle Cities does is different, and better. Partners promote Cycle Cities on their booking confirmation emails Partners promote Cycle Cities on their after-tour follow up emails Partners train their guides to recommend Cycle Cities to guests for their next destination Partners put up the Cycle Cities poster in their shop.

Let the OTAs spend big bucks acquiring the customers, and when they get to us, we convert them to direct customers for all future bookings.

But Cycle Cities is even much more than that. Don't forget the incredibly valuable knowledge sharing, and symposiums we put on. Many of our partners B2C successes are built on that.