Cycle Cities facilitates cross promotion in Europe by offering you professionally designed posters and fliers to use, and reimburses you for printing!*

Poster - to put up in your shop

Fliers - to hand out to customers

How to Personalise your Poster or Fliers

The large blank space at the top is for you to insert your own photo. Make sure it's high resolution. You can use Canva or Photopea to import the template, and put your photo in behind. Or you can email your photo to and he will do it for you for free.

Note: The 2024 version of the Poster only includes Europe. We plan to do an international poster in 2025 once the network has grown.

*Cycle Cities Pays for your Printing!

Every year, each Cycle Cities Partner is eligible for up to €30 reimbursement on printing.

Conditions/How to Claim:

1. Only valid for printing of the above approved Cycle Cities poster or flier design

2. Order and pay for the printing at your printer of choice. You can use a local print shop (make sure you get a receipt!) or an online printer such as Print24.

3. The printing must be done full size (minimum A2 for poster, A7 for fliers)

4. Once the printing arrives, you must email a photograph of the poster up on the in your store, to, along with a copy of the printing invoice/receipt, by 31 May 2024. If you're doing fliers, email a photo of your customers holding them, with a promise that you will distribute them!

5. Within 1 month, Cycle Cities will reimburse up to €30 of the printing/delivery cost. 

6. Cycle Cities reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.