Cycling in London

London, with a constantly growing cycling infrastructure, is surprisingly more bike-friendly than most people think! It's recognisable landscape offers many unique cycling experiences; take a path along the Thames, see the most famous and iconic monuments the centre of the city has to offer, and explore the green pastures just outside the city - all by bike.

Cycle Paths/Routes:

London's cycling infrastructure has been steadily improving and there are several major cycle superhighways that infuse the city.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

You can cycle outside the city to Richmond, taking one of the routes that runs parallel to the river. You can cycle south to Brixton for an exploration of London's main Caribbean neighbourhood, or up to London's 'Little Venice' for a ride along a beautiful canal lined with barges and blackberry bushes.

Mayor's stance on cycling:

The current mayor Sadiq Khan is supportive of cycling and is pushing for more cycle paths. In general, the attitude towards cycling London has become much more progressive in the last few years and more and more people are taking to the streets by bicycle.




Mainly Flat

Bicycle theft:

Big problem

Cycling at night:

Most streets are well lit

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