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Gallus Pedals - Bike Tours in Glasgow

Hello - I'm Martin! I started Gallus Pedals in late 2021 with the aim of providing fun and informative bike tours in my native city of Glasgow.

Through a partnership with a charity, we saved some ex-post office bikes from landfill, refurbished them, rebranded them and named them after (not so) famous Glaswegian women - we like to think that each of our guests get to ride on their own little piece of history as we often intertwine some of the life stories of the women in our tours.

As a 6th generation Glaswegian who lived outside Glasgow for 15 years across 4 different countries, I aim for every tour to bring a real perspective on what makes Glasgow unique and gives it its own distinctive character.

Our tours provide content that you don't get from a guidebook and all planned tour content (although every tour can be different!) goes through a strict pub test: if it's not something that's worthy of discussing in a pub then it doesn't get anywhere near our tour :)

Our tours focus on Glasgow's rich social history but touch on everything from social history, architecture, politics to contemporary culture but above all else we share and reflect on a local's perspective on everything.

We're fortunate that Glasgow is now a great city to cycle in too so our tours are very safe and have been designed to be suitable for anyone who knows how to ride a bike :)

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