Cycling Venice Lagoon


Venezia Tronchetto - People Mover station – 30175 - Venice - Italy
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Cycling Venice Lagoon

Cycling Venice Lagoon is a VeniceToExpo2015 project, but above all is a start-up conceived by a group of young Venetians, who love bikes and the Venetian lagoon, and aim to show the Venetian lagoon differently and uniquely.

Venice is a hectic and chaotic city with many tourists, but also a fragile city with much beauty to be admired all around it. Taking a bike ride out of the touristy hustle and bustle, you'll discover a storyboard between past, present, and future. As would be expected, the "water" will be our narrative thread!

With our tours, we promote slow and sustainable tourism, surrounded by breathtaking views of the islands and lagoon, riding an inch from the water in a truly unique landscape. We play along with you with our "lectures on bike" (the result of a university team research at IUAV and VIU) about water lagoon themes (fishing theme, salt theme, etc.) for the most curious travelers!

The "Hit & Run" (half day tour) and "Slow & Fun" (full-day tour) will surprise you with things you wouldn't expect. You will definitely fall in love with these places! Join us with your friends or with your family, and you will have fun for sure!

In collaboration with some local partners, we are arranging new tours to discover the Venetian countryside, including the "Roman Grid" tour with its water canals, or riding a bike along the rivers flowing into the lagoon.

We want to experience the Venice lagoon with you as protagonists of this sustainable and unusual adventure. Are you ready? Bring your curiosity and your desire to be free on a bike, and we will take care of everything else!

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