Cycling in Munich

Munich is the essence of a 'cycle city'; very flat, easily-accessible by bike, and suitable for all ages. Munich offers great food and drink, and is a great way to get to the heart of Bavarian culture. It has the biggest inner city park area in the entire world too (English Garden), so there's always a great mix of activities and chill out possibilities.

Cycle Paths/Routes:

Not really anything new, but all that exists is more than enough! English Garden, all the paths along the river 'Isar' which runs through Munich. Theresenwiese (where Oktoberfest is).

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

English Garden (15 mins), Olympic Park area from 1972 (30 mins), Lake Starnberg/Ammer Lake/Teyern Lake (2-3 hours), around 180 beer gardens in Munich (10-30 mins). Isar River can be followed for hours south and north (4-6 hours).

Mayor's stance on cycling:

He is a great fan of biking and they are even enhancing biking in pedestrian zones (at night). Bike rental from the government has been added in 2016 (not good for us, but shows a passion for biking in Munich).




Mainly Flat

Bicycle theft:

Very rare

Cycling at night:

Most streets are well lit

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