Cycling in Toulouse

Riding the medieval streets of the city centre. They're narrow, quiet and light in traffic which makes them perfect for cycling. The orange bricked buildings show the city in a pinkish hue at sunset, and it's a sight not to be missed

Cycle Paths/Routes:

In Toulouse you will find the start of the 'Canal du Midi', a famous cycling experience, renowned all over Europe. This canal links Toulouse to the meditérranean sea.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

Toulouse is also famous for being the location of the Airbus headquarters. From the city centre, a cycling route can lead you to the brand new Aeroscopia Museum, a place where you'll have the chance to see the famous Concord, and much more

Mayor's stance on cycling:

Cycling is not the highest priority of the politicians in Toulouse, but things are changing. Year after year we are seeing more and more people using cycling as a means of transport. This new way of moving around makes it unsurprising that the city is starting to see changes in the improvement of cycling infrastructure and the cycling experience.




Some Hills

Bicycle theft:

Big problem

Cycling at night:

My company provides a night bike tour

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