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Merry Pedaller Bike Tours

Merry Pedaller Bike Tours offer unique tours of the beautiful areas of South West London, a short hop on the train and a welcome break away from the hustle and bustle of Central London.

Spare a day during your visit to cycle along unknown stretches of the River Thames, enjoy ale tasting or cycling the 1st and 2nd largest Royal Parks of London both old hunting grounds of royals still full of deer.

Cycle to Hampton Court Palace or Windsor Town, enjoy half day rides to visit Royal Kew Botanic Gardens, the 16th Century home of King Henry VIII Hampton Court Palace or Windsor Castle summer residence of the Queen. Our full day rides enjoying an afternoon tea picnic with homemade cakes and pots of tea in fantastic locations en route.

Our 4 rides are:

Ale Tasting Bike Tour- cycle the River Thames crossing it 4 times, pass old pubs and houses, Fullers Brewery and sample Fullers beers en route. Half day rides can finish at Royal Kew Botanic Gardens for your visit if you wish or enjoy our full day tour with tea picnic in a stately home grounds.

Royal Deer Park Ride- cycle the River Thames + enjoy the largest Royal Park of London, an old 17th Century hunting ground of royals full of deer. Finish at Richmond on a half day tour or join the full day tour with a ferry trip across the River Thames, pass historic houses + enjoy our afternoon tea picnic in a secret statue gardens.

Hampton Court Palace Bike Ride- cycle the River Thames to Hampton Court Palace once home of King Henry VIII and his many wives, enjoy visiting the palace or join a full day tour enjoying the 2nd largest Royal Park of London and old hunting ground full of deer with afternoon tea picnic.

Windsor Castle Country Ride- Cycle 20 km to Royal Windsor Town along the River Thames, pass locks, villages and visit the Royal Farm Shop, half day ride to visit the castle with optional breakfast picnic by the River Thames to start.

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Merry Pedaller Bike Tours